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 MP3 Track £1.00  FLAC Track £1.25  WAV Track £1.50

Project Mohawk, the concept...

It started out as a codename for a collection of tracks we'd signed from a select group of talented emerging artists, each with their own distinct sound and style of production. As the idea took shape, so the quantity and quality of the music grew, culminating in a commitment to nine separate EP releases. From that point forth our aim was to come up with a twist whereby each release could stand out in its own right, but also form a part of something bigger...

So along with the usual digital download components, each release will have its own limited edition lathe cut 10 vinyl dubplate featuring our two favourite tracks, lovingly presented in a hand made and numbered 'jigsaw of art' card sleeve. Collect all 9 dubplates and arrange the sleeves in a certain order to solve the puzzle and reveal a single larger image.

But it doesn't stop there...

Those purchasing the vinyl will also get a selection of exclusive bonuses, such as a free WAV download of all tracks on the same release, plus bonus tracks that will not be made available on the digital release, and the odd Project Mohawk sticker thrown in for good measure. Without doubt, this is a unique musical compilation to be collected, enjoyed and treasured for many years to come.

And if all that wasn't enough...

Everyone that buys a copy of any release in the Project Mohawk series (vinyl or digital) will be given the chance to enter our competition to win assorted label goodies and the star prize of an all expenses paid trip for 2 to one of our label events in Amsterdam NL. Full details can be downloaded as a .pdf zip file, just click here

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